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SPA Center

Longoz spa center

Would you like to pamper your body and soul by raising your life energy with unique massages and care programs?


Special massage and care programs await you in the company of Longoz Spa's expert therapists. You will experience a feeling of freedom that will embrace your skin and moments that will renew your soul, thanks to the pleasures of the sultan's bath, massage therapies reminiscent of fairy tales and unique skincare products.

Longoz spa center

It provides 1 Turkish bath, 1 scrub room, 1 sauna, 1 steam room, 3 therapy rooms, 1 relaxation room, 1 indoor swimming pool, 1 children's pool, and 1 jacuzzi pool.

SPA Gallery

Kapalı Havuzumuzda Geçici Olarak Hizmet Verememekteyiz

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